The Hedonistic Imperative by David PearceThe Hedonistic Imperative
Manifesto. 6 files

Why Does Anything Exist?Why does Anything Exist?
Paper. 10 files

Cosmic Consciousness For Tough MindsCosmic Consciousness for Tough Minds
Review Essay. 6 files

Biointelligence ExplosionThe Biointelligence Explosion
Monograph. 1 file

MDMA / EcstasyMDMA: Utopian Pharmacology
Monograph. 1 file

The Good Drug GuideThe Good Drug Guide
Review Essay. 1 file

Smart drugs / NootropicsSmart Drugs 2
Review Essay. 1 file

From coca to crack cocaineAiming for an all-time high
Essay. 1 file

Opioids: past, present and futureFuture Opioids
Essay. 4 files

The Post-Darwinian TransitionThe Post-Darwinian Transition
Review Essay. 8 files

Utopian SurgeryUtopian Surgery?
Essay. 2 files

Wireheading, Hypermotivation and the Meaning Of LifeThe Wired Society
Paper. 2 files

In Defence of Paradise-Engineering: a critique of Aldous Huxley's Brave New WorldCritique of Huxley's Brave New World
Review Essay. 1 file

Dave's DiaryDave's Diary
Personal. 7 files

David Pearce: an interviewInterview
DP Interviews. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)

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Are you looking for a different Dave Pearce from the utilitarian British philosopher? There is also Dave Pearce the disc jockey; Dave Pearce the British boxing heavyweight champion; David Pearce Snyder the futurist; Missouri Representative David Pearce the politician; David Pearce the environmental economist; and David Pearce the photographer.